9 Female Celebrities Who Got a Restraining Order Against Her Ex

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As with all relationships, they either crash & burn or last forever. However, being a celebrity couple comes along with loads of complications, especially when it comes time for the breakup. Unlike regular couples, celebrity couples typically usually release a joint statement to the media marking the end of their relationship. As if that weren’t heartbreaking enough, they also have to scroll through relentless negative feedback on Twitter… and that’s assuming it was an amicable split.

Unfortunately, many celeb couples that break up become straight up enemies and some even fear having to ever run into their ex again. And let’s be real, in Hollywood, chances are you’ll run into each other again. For certain celeb couples, if the relationship turned dangerous at any point, running into their former love just wasn’t worth the risk, and they sought legal action to keep them far away. Here’s a list of nine female stars who’ve gotten a restraining order against their ex. Take a look: