9 Celebrity Women Who Don’t Really Understand What Feminism Means

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Tumblr (musingsofalivingdoll)

Tumblr (musingsofalivingdoll)

It seems like every day we read a quote from a celebrity woman answering that classic interview question: “Are you a feminist?” To people who understand feminism and aren’t afraid to say they support it, it seems like a silly question to ask in this day and age. Assuming the celebrity believes men and women are equal and should have equal rights, of course she’s a feminist. Because that’s what feminism is. But apparently we give celebrities too much credit, because a lot of them just don’t know what feminism is to begin with.

They usually show off this ignorance in one of two ways. Either they say outright that they’re not feminists… even though they then declare they believe exactly what feminism is all about. Or they say they are feminists, but then give a completely wrong definition for it. Here are nine celebrity women who could probably use a crash course in feminism. Lucky for them it’ll only take about 30 seconds and can be accessed through Google. WARNING: Your face and palm with both be sore after your read this.

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