12 Female Celebrities Who Flat Out Deny Their Supposed Boob Jobs

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Celebrities face their fair share of plastic surgery rumors. Like, pretty much on a daily basis. Heck, 2015 was basically an ode to Kylie Jenner‘s reported procedures! BUT, that doesn’t mean they’re all true. It’s like the age ol’ saying, “Don’t believe everything you hear.”

While Glee‘s Heather Morris was one such celebrity who previously denied undergoing any sort of surgical operation on her chest, she opened up about her breast enhancement surgery… after she took out her implants. She told Fitness magazine, “Implants were something I thought I wanted when I was younger, and now I don’t. It was hard being active with them, because my chest was always sore. It hurt a lot, and I didn’t like always being in pain, so they had to go!”

The specific female stars you’re about to see, however, continue to insist that they’ve never gone under the knife. For a boob job, at least.