8 Stars Who Made Dramatic Hair Changes Post-Breakup

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Heartbreak is unavoidable, even for celebrities. It’s sort of surreal when you think about it: Confident, stunning stars like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus have felt that same crushing pain we all experience when a relationship falls apart. The difference? Their suffering plays out in front of the whole entire world. From tabloid covers to reality show cameras, there’s no way to keep the public from finding out every last juicy detail. And no matter how awful a breakup may be, A-listers have a responsibility to pull themselves together and get back out on the red carpet.

There’s no “celebrity secret” to getting over a bad split. But the stars know one thing for sure: Rediscovering your confidence is absolutely key. Our self-esteem can plummet after calling it quits, but a bold style change boosts it right back up. This is the perfect time for you to finally make choices for yourself, so go get that edgy pixie cut you’ve been dying to try! Add some hot pink streaks! You belong to you, girl — own it!