7 Female Celebs Who Had Their Body-Slimming Secret Accidentally Exposed

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You know what they say — everything in Hollywood is fake. From plastic surgery to hair extensions, celebrities go to extremes to trick people into thinking they’re perfect, when the reality is that it’s really just an act. But despite knowing this, people see famous women strutting their stuff down the red carpet with zero things jiggling/moving/bulging and immediately think, ‘WHAT GIVES?!’ One word: Spanx.

The brand that became famous due to its products’ ability to smooth and slim virtually anything is a go-to for almost every single female celebrity in the world. And while everyone knows they’re wearing ’em, those bad boys are kinda like the wind — you can’t see it, but you know it’s there. Well, that is until you suddenly can see them…

Here are all the celebs who accidentally revealed their body-slimming secret: