9 Female Celebrities You’ll Never Believe are Turning 18 in 2018

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Now that we’ve welcomed in the new year, let’s not forget about all of the milestone birthdays that our favorite celebrities will be celebrating in 2018! To name a few, Celine Dion will be turning 50, Ashton Kutcher will be 40 and Rihanna & Adele will both be turning the big 3-0. And even though we love a good birthday milestone celebration, nothing will be quite as shocking as when you find out which celebs will officially be entering adulthood this year by turning 18.

Before we hit you with this shocking list, let us warn you that you’ll probably feel old AF because many of these are young celebs who got their start in the industry when they were just kids — babies, even! Okay… consider yourselves warned! Without further ado, we present you with nine female celebs who will be celebrating their 18th birthdays in 2018: