7 Stars Who Showed Her Thong on The Red Carpet… on Purpose

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Many stars have found themselves in embarrassing situations in which a surprise wardrobe malfunction exposes their undergarments for the world to see. This happened to Taylor Swift in concert (awk), Emma Watson at the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince premiere (poor girl) and Kristen Stewart during a TV interview (oops!). Even though all of those lovely ladies took the incidents in stride and played it off cool, it was obvs 100% NOT a part of their plan.

Some famous females, on the other hand, don’t give a $h*! who sees their panties and have actually chosen to expose their fancy underwear to complete a stylish ensemble. While celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Demi Lovato have opted for full-coverage lingerie when it comes to completing a daring and revealing look, others have really gone all out and mooned the crowd by flaunting a fabulous thong as the centerpiece of their outfit. It sure is bold, but while most of us probably couldn’t pull off a look so scandalous — the following women totally do: