These 9 Female Celebrities Actually Proposed to Their Significant Others

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Hollywood’s leading ladies are just that — leading ladies. All of us fangirling on the sidelines look to them as an example. And we’re not just talking about the way they set trends with their fashions, although we all know that Vanessa Hudgens’ Coachella ‘fits are epic every year.

When they’re #relationshipgoals, we look to them for dating advice, and when they’re public with their political views, we look to them for advice in that area, too. So whether they’re setting examples with their Women’s March participation or their openness about infertility struggles, we’ve got our eyes on them for more than just how to look, but how to live.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen our fair share of bad examples over the years — mostly from young stars who just can’t seem to get their ish together. But then there are Hollywood hotties who are pushing boundaries and leading the way for others to do the same. Bella Thorne recently posed nude and un-retouched to promote body confidence, Halsey spoke out about slut-shaming after backlash over a Playboy magazine cover, and Taylor Swift took a radio DJ to court and won after he sexually assaulted her. Talk about using your platform for good! That’s exactly the kind of stuff we’d like to see more of.

But this isn’t a new thing and it isn’t only exclusive to famous people on the young end of the spectrum. Take these married women, for instance, who all decided that instead of waiting around for their boyfriends to propose, they’d take matters into their own hands! By popping the question, they weren’t just proclaiming their love for their guys, but they were bucking up against an ancient tradition. We’re sure that moments like this have given girls all over the country the confidence to do the same, whether they’re devising the greatest promposal ever or getting down on one knee.