9 Ladies Who Were Embarrassingly Caught Picking Their Wedgies

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Think of the most uncomfortable piece of clothing you hate to own. Whether it’s a pair of denim shorts that slide down no matter how tight you belt them or a loose bra that always slips right off your shoulders, you know what it’s like to have to adjust yourself in public. It’s kinda embarrassing, but you’d rather do that then chance a nip slip or an underwear flash, right? Some wardrobe malfunctions just aren’t worth it.

Now think about being a celebrity. They have those same exact moments that we do, but since paparazzi follow their every move, they can’t get away with as much. That’s how Nicki Minaj has managed to rack up a lengthy list of public nipple reveals (nine total, if you were wondering) and pretty much every other female celeb has at least one to their name. And that’s not even counting all of their undie issues.

We’re not just talking about undie issues like when you accidentally flash them because of a strong breeze and a high-slit dress — we’re talking to you Bella Hadid — but, like, literally reaching back to pick wedgies out in front of strangers. Hollywood hotties are just like us, and their underwear rides up sometimes, too. This happens to leading ladies most often when they’re on the beach in itty bitty bikini bottoms, but the red carpet and the street have proven to be fair game, too. Nowhere’s safe!

But while it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t been caught with a wedgie, not every female star has actually reached around to pull one out…at lest in public. That honor belongs to a select few. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the best of the best right here because we’re always watching…