9 Female Stars Who Fell in Love & Married Guys 10+ Years Their Junior

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Many celebrity couples have a large age gap. Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively have 11 years between ’em; Jay-Z & Beyoncé have 12 years; Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green have 13… You get the idea. But, did you notice that, in all of the examples we used, it’s the man who’s the elder of the two stars?

For whatever reason, when it comes to heterosexual Hollywood relationships, it seems to be rare for the women to be older than the men. Especially in marriages. But, perhaps, things are changing. After all, Priyanka Chopra fell in love with Nick Jonas, who’s 10 years her junior, and plans on marrying him. According to People, “The age difference is not a big deal to them whatsoever. Nick loves dating older women, and if anything it makes Priyanka even more attractive to him.”

You hear that, folks? The age difference is NOT A BIG DEAL; if anything, it can make you MORE ATTRACTIVE to some.

Of course, if Priya makes it down the aisle, she won’t be the first female celebrity to exchange vows with a much-younger man. Here are nine other beautiful stars who married men a decade (or more) younger than themselves: