9 Female Celebrities Who Were Ghosted by Their Significant Other

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We’re not going to sugarcoat things — being ghosted sucks. You know, like when the person you’re seeing stops taking your calls, answering your texts, etc. seemingly out of nowhere? It’s the WORST. There’s pretty much nothing more humiliating than opening up to someone and letting them into your world, only to have them cut off all contact with you in the end.

If this has happened to you — and, let’s be honest, it’s happened to most of us — you are NOT alone. As it turns out, at least nine of your favorite female celebrities have also been ghosted! And while we still can’t quite seem to figure out who in their right mind would completely cut ties with some of the most talented and flawless women in the entertainment industry, it really does happen. So look at it this way: If you’ve ever been ghosted, you’re in the same club as these incredible women: