8 Females Who Were Blamed for Their Bae’s Band Breakup

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Boy bands have some of the most loyal and dedicated fans out there. Directioners live and breathe One Direction and the #5SOSFam literally considers themselves a family united over their love of 5 Seconds of Summer. But amazingly talented boy bands are not a recent trend at all and even the idea of having a special name for your fandom has been around for a while. Some of your parents were probably part of The Apple Scruffs fan group (a.k.a. hardcore Beatles fans in the 60s).

And, as long as there have been boy bands, there have been boy band breakups. With such dedicated fans, people need a reason WHY their favorite guys decided to ditch one another.

Unfortunately, the bands don’t often give us the answers we want, which leads us to jump to conclusions about what or who got in the way of the guys’s future success. A popular, and mildly disturbing, trend that’s been around since the time of The Apple Scruffs is to immediately blame any woman who is romantically associated with a group member at the time. Some of you may know who the woman seen as the original femme fatale responsible for breaking up a mega-famous band is (we’re not going to spoil the ending!), but since then, there have been many, many others. Keep reading to see eight women who were blamed for breaking up their bae’s band — whether they be a casual girlfriend, fiance or even wife. No woman is safe from the vicious rumors that come from the separation of a beloved musical group!