8 Beauties Who Did the Same Disgusting Thing — in Freakin’ Public!

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Not wearing shoes on the red carpet is pretty gross and all, but it’s nothing compared to stepping outside on a dirty, germ-filled street or sidewalk with nothing but the soles of your feet touching the ground. What if you step in gum?! What if a dog just peed in your path?! What if a person threw up on that very ground that you’re walking on?! Ewwwww.

We’ve all been there — you just got home from a long day in heels and the thought of walking from your car to your door in those stilettos might actually kill you; that we understand. But say you’re January Jones, for example, and you decided to go on a leisurly walk with your dog and baby while wearing flats, and suddenly decide that shoes just aren’t for you. What’s the excuse then? We really, really don’t know. Like we said before — GERMS ON GERMS ON GERMS!