7 Female Celebrities Who Got in Trouble with the Law for Smoking Weed

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While celebrating 4/20 is only legal in a few states, that hasn’t stopped some rebellious female stars from lighting up in places they shouldn’t. Sometimes, it’s the celebrities you’d never expect who get caught taking part in the (sometimes) illegal act of smoking marijuana. Take Miley Cyrus, for example. We all know the 24-year-old is a big supporter of cannabis use — she even posts photos of herself smoking weed, wears costumes with ganja leaves all over, etc. — but she’s not on our list. You see, the former Disney Channel star has avoided any legal troubles as a result of her ~hobby~, which isn’t something everyone can boast about.

While pot is becoming less and less taboo, there are still major consequences if a police officer catches you with the substance. But guess what? Many famous people don’t seem to care! These 8 female stars learned this the hard way, as they all got in trouble with authorities thanks to Mary Jane.