6 Female Stars Who Proved They Did NOT Photoshop Their Pics (Despite Rumors)

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For all the photoshop police out there ??‍♀??

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If you’re anything like us, then we probably don’t have to explain to you the joy you get when you know you’ve taken an Instagram-worthy photo. For most of us, all it takes is a cute outfit, a stellar pose, the perfect filter and we’re ready to go! Then, the post typically receives a bunch of likes and compliments from friends and acquaintances, and BOOM… you’re done!

However, when you’re a celeb, running social media accounts tends to be a bit more of a hassle. Unlike us, famous people have to not only scroll through positive comments, but they also have to scroll through a lot of hate and criticism as well… and often for no reason at all! Trolls on the Internet love to spread negative energy by commenting hateful messages on celebrity photos about pretty much anything, but lately it seems that body-shaming is on the top of their list!

A recent trend in troll history seems to be accusing celebs of Photoshopping their photos. We get it — it’s hard to believe these stars are actually that ***flawless in real life. Unfortunately, these celebrities (who are also human beings, BTW) have to defend themselves against the “Photoshop police” when the truth is that they never fixed up their photos at all. Yes, it’s true (sometimes); some of them simply are that perfect. See for yourselves! Here’s our list of six female stars who completely shut down Photoshop rumors like bosses: