16 Amazing Times Female Cartoon Characters Threw Shade

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Shade: To publicly humiliate another person. To hate on someone for acting a fool. To insult someone so badly that they have a third degree burn. Ouch. The key to throwing shade is to say it in such a way that the other person doesn’t even realize they’re being “shaded.” Whenever you sling a back-handed compliment, you’re throwing shade. NOW YOU KNOW.

Though the phrase is new, the concept is not. Women have been throwing shade at each other since the dawn of time. Even Shakespearean characters did it. Women are experts at throwing shade regardless of age. Case in point:


Now that we’ve brought the concept of throwing shade to your attention, you’re going to see examples of it everywhere — even examples with fictional characters who aren’t even humans! Here are some of your favorite female cartoon characters throwing shade like it’s nobody’s business:

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