10 Actresses Who Played Both a Girl AND a Guy in the Same Teen Movie

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There is no question that Hollywood is full of incredibly talented women who can play a variety of characters. But a daring type of role that select actresses have chosen to play is one completely opposite of any real-life experience they may have: acting as the opposite gender.

What’s really impressive about the women on this list is how they seamlessly play both a woman and a man in the same movie. The badass females (and the characters they play) push the boundaries to make us think about the confines of gender and sexuality, and force us to question some age-old traditions that we’ve had in place for centuries. While we wish we could include every #girlboss who has been able to play a man and woman in her film, that list would be seriously long — so we’ve narrowed it down to teen movies (sorry, Julie Andrews and Julia Roberts!), and hopefully that means you’ll see more familiar faces (in possibly some unfamiliar costuming)!