All the Young Actresses Who Were THIIIIIS Close to Being in Power Rangers

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There were a lot of questions that came up when it was announced that the beloved Power Rangers television series would be turned into a movie. What will the plot be? Will there be many changes from the OG franchise everyone came to know and love? And most of all, which actors will take on the task turning the beloved Rangers into big-screen successes? Film executives knew they had high standards to uphold when it came to choosing the perfect cast, so they went through months of tedious auditions in hopes of finding the perfect young stars. You know what they say — hard work pays off.

Both newbie actors (like Becky G) and seasoned pros (like Elizabeth Banks) got themselves parts in the upcoming PR film, but before they snagged ’em, many other actresses auditioned to be involved, too. Keep reading to see which young stars tested for the Pink and Yellow rangers, but ultimately got denied.

1. Stefanie Scott — This former A.N.T. Farm star was one of the young actresses who tested for the role of Kimberly Ann Hart (the Pink Ranger), according to Variety. Obviously her audition didn’t work out, because it was a different Scott — Naomi — who was cast in the end.

2. AnnaSophia Robb — While ASR wasn’t on Variety‘s shortlist of stars who were testing for various Power Rangers roles, Jeff Sneider from TheWrap broke the news that she would be joining those auditioning. “@RobbAnnaSophia ALSO testing for the Pink Ranger this [weekend],” he wrote on Twitter in early October 2015.

3. Crystal LoweIMDB reports that Crystal, a Canadian actress who’s previously been in Smallville and Hot Tub Time Machine, was once “in talks for a supporting role” in the new PR reboot. No one knows for sure which character she set her sights on, but it can be assumed it was either the Pink or Yellow ranger.

4. Naomi Scott — While this 23-year-old actress will be playing the Pink Ranger in the upcoming Power Rangers film, it was actually another Ranger she originally tried out for. “I actually first auditioned for the Yellow Ranger, for Trini, which is interesting. It kind of shows how they were looking for characteristics as opposed to ethnicity or whatever,” she told DenofGeek.com.

Here are all the young male actors who also auditioned Power Rangers: