Thanks to This Peekaboo Dye Job, You Can Now Look Like a Bird

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Along with the spring usually comes the desire to change our hair in one way or another, and when many of us walk into the salon for a fresh, new spring cut, one of our typical requests is for the hairstylist to just keep it looking natural. Well, be careful what you wish for because Virginia Beach-based hairstylist Wynter DePriest at Monarch Hair Co. is giving the word “natural” a whole new meaning.

That’s right, you guys! According to Allure, when one of Wynter’s clients came in requesting peekaboo feathers, she took it as an opportunity to see what she’s truly capable of artistically. Instead of giving the customer exactly what she asked for, they both decided that Wynter would try to dye the full feather of a Red-Tailed Hawk into her hair. Uhh… WHAT?! From the mere sound of it, it seems like it could’ve been a total disaster, but luckily, Wynter knew what she was doing and her client clearly trusted her.

Wynter told Allure that first, they began with the cut. She said, “She used to have a medium-length cut, but it was weighing her down. We didn’t want to lose the length in the front, so I gave her a dramatic asymmetric cut. It is perfect for the feather because her slight layering and length in the front allowed the feather to not get swallowed in the cut.” Hmm… interesting!

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When it came to the color, though, Wynter certainly worked some magic. She sectioned off a piece of hair not usually seen specifically for the feather, so that when the top layer of her client’s hair moves, the feather pattern dyed into her hair would be revealed. NGL, it’s a pretty awesome concept! Just take a look at the final product:

Even though it came out the way Wynter and her client hoped it would, Wynter admitted that it was definitely a risk that made her nervous. She told the mag that her followers “were curious to see what it would look like, so it made me nervous in case it turned out horrible. I told my client ‘we are going to rock this style no matter what anyone else says. Haters gonna hate.’ And she agreed — you can’t worry about what others are going to say. The way to stand out and gain respect as an artist is to embrace your differences and let them shine.” Wow… we couldn’t agree more!

Although we don’t see ourselves hopping on the Red-Tailed Hawk hair color trend anytime soon, for those who are willing to try it, Wynter did mention that it works best on straight hair. So, if you’re feeling daring, why not give it a try? Just remember to use color-treated shampoo and low heat settings when styling and you’ll be good to go!