Jake Paul Fans Showed Up to FaZe Banks’ House, So He Spit on Them

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Jake Paul and Ricky “FaZe” Banks are not the biggest fans of each other. The 25-year-old was accused of assaulting the 20-year-old’s assistant, Meg Zelly, and is also dating the Team 10 guy’s ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet.

That being said, when Jake Paulers showed up to Banks’ house blasting “It’s Everyday Bro” recently, the member of the FaZeClan was not impressed. Ricky came out onto his balcony as a result and spit on the group of fans that was waiting outside.

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Some fans thought FB’s actions were totally uncalled for, even though there were people trespassing on his property.

Others, however, felt that he had every right to get mad and the spitting was justified.

“They were on his property so why not,” one person wrote on Instagram.

Another said, “Maybe stay off of peoples private property? Just because he’s popular doesn’t give them the right to go to his house and invade his privacy, you wouldn’t want anyone doing it to you so why would you do it to someone else?”

The situation is interesting because just about a month ago, Jake Maldonado, who’s good friends with Banks and RiceGum, showed up at the Team 10 house playing “It’s EveryNight Sis,” which was Alissa Violet & Rice’s response to JP’s song. Tessa Violet was home at the time and actually came outside to deal with the ~problem~, but was fortunately able to keep her saliva inside her mouth.