FaZe Banks Actually Defends PewDiePie After He Said the N-Word

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PewDiePie is currently (and rightfully) facing a ton of backlash for saying the N-word during a recent livestream. While both fans and companies are turning their backs on the 27-year-old as a result, Ricky “FaZe Banks is actually defending the YouTuber.

“Please don’t blow this PewDiePie sh*t out of proportion,” the 25-year-old tweeted. “He’s obviously not a racist. Don’t let words run you. Words are words.”

Viewers were obviously very confused and concerned, so Alissa Violet‘s boyfriend continued, “And to follow up, obviously what he did was stupid and not OK. I just don’t think he deserves to be executed for it. Was dumb for sure. See people as people. Individuals. Character is what matters.. race, religion, sexual preference never should.”

Gamer SinfuL_JB is one of the people who didn’t agree with Banks’ defense.

“I don’t think it’ll be out of proportion, I think it’ll be to the extent it should be,” he replied. “That’s not okay bro bro. At all.”

The FaZeClan guy then explained that since Pewds’ intent was not to be racist, “he should [not] be crucified for it.”

“I just think people should focus on more on the intent of the word as opposed to just the actual word. Obviously it’s not okay…I just don’t think he should be crucified for it.”

Annnnd that’s where he’s wrong, at least according to the majority of his Twitter followers.

As a white man, FaZe Banks does not have the right to tell People of Color how they should feel after another white man used one of the most disgusting racial slurs in the English language and tried to play it off like NBD.