Ex-Team 10 Member Says FaZe Banks Did NOT Assault Jake Paul’s Assistant

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YouTube star Ricky “FaZe” Banks was accused of assaulting Jake Paul‘s assistant, Megan Zelly, late last week. He allegedly grabbed her by the neck while at a L.A. club and left a nasty bruise. The 25-year-old vehemently denied those claims, and in addition to his girlfriend, Alissa Violet, and some other friends coming to his defense, a former member of Team 10 is now going on record to prove that he’s innocent.

Max Beaumont was a part of the social media crew up until this drama occurred, and he actually chose to leave so he could come forward with his story. You see, the 20-year-old was at the Warwick nightclub with Meg, who he says he’s been friends with for more than seven years, on the night of the alleged attack. He called Banks up shortly after everything started blowing up because, according to him, the accused assaulter did NOT do what JP and his friends say he did.

“I did not see you assault anybody last night, including Megan Zelly,” he said in an interview with the FaZeClan.

Okay, but just because Max didn’t SEE the assault doesn’t necessarily mean it didn’t happen, right? The entrepreneur says, however, that Meg actually told him that night that she ACCIDENTALLY got a bruise from Banks.

“After I left your table…I found Megan and she said that, if I remember correctly, she ran into you and she got a bruise from you but she knew it was an accident,” he continued. “You didn’t know who she was and it was just a crazy coincidence. She didn’t get into detail; she said that she knew it was an accident.”

FB always said that he was pretty intoxicated that night, so he didn’t know if he accidentally hit or touched her while dancing or something of the sort.

Max didn’t think much of it at the time and actually “didn’t hear about [it] again until [he] saw Jake’s video.”

The former Team 10 guy says he does “not believe [FaZe Banks] intentionally assaulted this girl,” but could’ve “accidentally bumped into her.”

He also said he didn’t see the YouTuber kissing another girl that night, which disproves the initial claims that he cheated on Alissa.

Here’s the full interview:

FaZe Banks says he’s also trying to get legal permission to obtain and show the video footage from that night so people can see with their own eyes that he’s innocent.

“I am going to press this to the furthest degree legally,” he said. “I am going to make absolute sure the company of Team 10, Jake Paul, Erika Costell and Megan Zelly pay for what they did to me. This is not a joke.”