The Cheating Scandal That Broke Up One of Your Fave YouTube Gaming Couples

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When fans noticed that YouTube star FaZe Adapt (whose real name is Alex) and his girlfriend Adrianna Scaley hadn’t posted an Instagram, Snapchat, etc., together for the past couple months, they began to wonder what was going on between one of their favorite couples. While the 19-year-old kept his mouth shut for a good amount of time, he finally addressed everyone’s questions in a new video, and the details are NOT pretty.

Alex and Adrianna were together for just under two years when she left for college in August and decided that they should break up so she could “do her own thing.” The gamer “was really sad” and knew fans could tell he was depressed following the split. But even though he was still upset, they eventually talked the next time he was in Arizona and they got back together. The pair were back together for about a week and a half until it all went wrong.

“[My friend] tells me that Adrianna is cheating on me. And he explains in detail everything that happened…and how he knew and how he found out and that he saw it happen.”

The YouTuber was supposed to hang out with the 18-year-old later that night anyway, so he called her so they could meet up and talk about the allegations. At first, Adrianna “was lying and trying to act like she didn’t do it,” but she eventually “admitted that she did” cheat on him.

“So we are broken up and we are never gonna get back together,” he said. “We broke up. She cheated on me. It’s over.”


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