Lunchtime Poll: Which Grammys Performance Was Your Fave?!

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There were lots of upsets with the winners at last night’s Grammys — poor little Biebs! — but the performances? Complete opposite of upset. But between RiRi and Eminem’s sick duet and Gaga’s, well, just Gaga in general, we can’t decide which was was our fave!

Can you help?!

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There was Katy Perry suspended on a swing while her wedding tape played in the background. There was Bruno Mars, B.O.B and Janelle Monae going all 1950’s on us. There was Bieber, Usher and Jayden with the sickest dance moves we’ve ever seen. And then…there was Gaga, among tons of others.

But which performance was your fave? Tell us below which performance you loved and why, and don’t forget to vote, too!