Celeb Battle: Which Couple Would You Rather Double Date With, Brittana or Klaine?!

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Gay Glee CouplesThis week on Glee marked a huge milestone for Santana, considering she came out to her fam and classmates. HUGE. So this only means one thing — after like, 8 episodes in the making, Santana and Brittany are finally offish. But is Brittana now your fave gay Glee couple? Or do Blaine and Kurt still reign as the best?

We wanna know what you really think, but here’s the kicker — which couple would you rather double date with? You could talk fashion, Broadway and rom-coms for hours with Klaine, but Brittana, on the other hand, would prob keep you laughing hysterically with their one liners. It’s a toughie, we know, but this has to happen. You HAVE to vote below, and be sure to tell us if you’re Team Klaine or Team Brittana in the comments, mmkay?!

Oh, and here are our fave Brittana and Klaine moments, both musical and just plain cute, that may or may not sway your votes: