6 Guy-on-Guy Ships Fans Want to See in Their Favorite YA Stories

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Okay, just to start off with no misunderstandings: The legit YA romance storylines are amazing. A+ quality. Even the relationships that were ill-fated, like Katniss and Gale, had their shining moments of perfection. (For the record, no offense, Miley Cyrus, but we’re still kinda hoping for a Jennifer LawrenceLiam Hemsworth thing to happen.) The classic pairings, from Ron-Hermione to Bella-Edward, will always and forever be the ultimate ships.

That all being said, what’s the harm in playing around with some guy-on-guy YA romances? They may not have the strongest evidence, but that doesn’t make the sexual tension any thinner. Shipping two straight male characters can be rough — just ask the Teen Wolf fans who ship Derek & Stiles — but the Internet is a wonderful home for people who desperately want to see Gale and Peeta get it on. Here are some of the most popular male YA ships: