Stuff We <3 For Father's Day

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Father’s Day is officially happening this weekend, and you know what that usually means — it’s time to run to the mall on Saturday night and frantically pick out yet another boring tie for Dad.  This year, however, we decided to make it much simpler to spice things up for Father’s Day by choosing some of our favorite goodies that are funny, useful and destined to be remembered!  Check out what we came up with and you’re guaranteed to become the favorite child. As long as you don’t share this amazing gift guide with your sibs…

1. Hair Dye for Bald Men– Is your dad a little bit embarrassed by his receding hairline? No worries! This invisible hair dye is the perfect gift that’s clearly much better than a toupee. BUY HERE!

2. Wireless Headphones– Your dad prob has about a million things going on at any given time in his life, so his hands can get tied up pretty quickly. These headphones use Bluetooth to connect his cell phone, iPod, laptop and more so he can have hands-free access to all of his electronics. Simple, sleek and awesome. BUY HERE!

3. Electronic Golf Glove– Does your dad think he’s Tiger Woods? Well, with this electronic swing-correcting glove, he’s one step closer. BUY HERE!

4. iGrill– Using the same Bluetooth technology as the thing above, this bad boy uses iPhone or iPad software to check the temperature of meat while grilling. Who would’ve thought? BUY HERE!

5. Charging Mat– There’s nothing more annoying than not being able to find a plug to charge your electronics, so with this wireless charging mat, Dad will never have to worry about competing with the rest of the fam for an outlet. BUY HERE!

6. Baconaisse– What do you get when you combine bacon and mayo? The perfect food ever Father’s Day gift, that’s what. BUY HERE!

7. Desktop Darts– While taking one of his many a short break at work, might as well give Dad something to pass the time and release some stress. BUY HERE!

8. #1 Dad Trophy– Everyone loves getting trophies, including Dads, so why not get him an official award to show him how much you care. BUY HERE!

9. Neck Pillow– Neck pain is very common whether your Dad travels a lot or simply falls asleep on the couch a little too often. With this memory-foam pillow, Dad will never again have to worry about an awkward kink in his neck after a little snooze! Buy Here!

10. iPhone Case– Good reminder for dad, not so good for you. BUY HERE!

Which gift is perfect for your dad?  Did you already purchase your gift? What special plans do you have for Father’s Day?

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