13 Gorgeous Celebrities Who Were Told They’re Too Fat for Fame

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There is no such thing as the perfect body. Every body — bumps, bruises and everything in between — is already the perfect body. Which, of course, means that there is no such thing as the single most-desirable one, seeing how every shape, size and stature is made-to-love. We hope that you already know that, because we’ve already somehow managed to let old Hollywood slip through the cracks, and we can’t afford to lose any more valuable students!

That’s right, Hollywood apparently doesn’t believe that MOST bodies are worthy. There isn’t some Hollywood spokesperson whose unfortunate job it is to go around and clandestinely whisper in the ears of passersby that, on behalf of their client, the passerby’s body is a no-go. It’s just that the proof is in the (low-calorie) pudding. As in, every time we turn around, there are perfectly talented celebrities either being turned away at the gates or forced to claw their way to the top of a fat-shaming industry. It’s been going on forever, but one can, in an especially optimistic mood, hope that these 13 gorg celebrities who were told they were too fat for fame will be among the last:

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