6 A-List Fashion Icons Who’ve Dissed Kendall & Kylie Jenner

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Doesn’t matter how popular you become — there will always be haters. Unfortunately for Kendall & Kylie Jenner, some of those ~haters~ are the most important people in all of the fashion world. You might think the two have earned total respect among the elites — after all, Kendall’s made a serious name for herself in the modeling industry and Kylie’s lip kits have started a mini-revolution in the cosmetics industry — but, apparently, those big-deal things haven’t been enough to “wow” everybody. (Remember when models Lexi Boling & Binx Walton slammed Kendall on Instagram? Rude.)

Of course, we’re not saying the Jenners don’t deserve some of the criticism they get. Kylie, in particular, has stirred up controversies over her hair and style choices and, although Kendall seems like a sweetheart, she’s not on everybody’s good side. So we shouldn’t be too surprised that they’ve made a few enemies. Click through the gallery to see all the fashion icons who have totally dissed the Jenner girls: