Would YOU Play a Lady Gaga Game? Oh, The Things They Come Up With These Days

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Yup, you heard right! FarmVille — that totally addictive Facebook game — is introducing a new version of their game inspired by Lady Gaga and it will be appropriately named GagaVille. But instead of cows and horses and your typical farm animals, GagaVille will feature unicorns, crystals and sheeps on motocycles. How appropriate.

And, little monsters, guess what the best part about Gagaville will be?!

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GagaVille players will get exclusive access to new songs from her new album, “Born This Way”. We’re not exactly huge on FarmVille players, but for Gagaville? So there.

And the game launches May 17! Are you going to play? What do you think of FarmVille’s idea to launch GagaVille? Do you think it will be just as good as the original or better? Tell us what you think in the comments!