The New Fantastic Beasts Trailer May’ve Confirmed the Nagini Fan Theory

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The new Fantastic Beasts 2 trailer MAY have just confirmed this major Nagini fan theory. Yes, all signs point to Claudia Kim‘s character being Lord Voldemort’s trusty snake. Calm down, we’ll explain.

The first trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald finally graced the Internet earlier this week and, naturally, all Harry Potter fans lost their MINDS. The trailer brings us back to Hogwarts with all its magical wonder and teases us with snippets of the storyline. But that’s not what we’re here for today — we’re here to talk about one tiny moment in the trailer that may confirm a Voldemort fan theory about Nagini.

Let us break it down: This particular fan theory started back when the first cast photos were unveiled, which included Claudia’s character — a Maledictus with no name and no beast form. According to J.K. Rowling‘s Pottermore, a Maledictus is a witch that carries a blood curse that destines them to turn into a beast. This differs from an Animagus who can transform into an animal whenever they choose.

Last summer, we heard rumblings that the new movie would feature a circus where the actress’ mysterious character would first come in contact with the others. There was even an Easter egg in the first movie that showed a poster for this magical Circus Arcanus and it previewed an act called Snake Girl. AND if you check out the cast photo, Claudia is wearing a bodysuit that looks a LOT like snake scales — possibly a hint at the 33-year-old being Snake Girl??

Now, fast forward to the new trailer’s circus scene and it features an act with a snake that has a human head. But instead of the sign reading “Snake Girl” like the first movie’s poster, it reads “Maledictus.” Well, you can’t see the entire word, but we’re pretty sure that’s what it says. So we’re gonna safely predict that Claudia’s beast form is a snake.

AND because her character still doesn’t have a name, all signs point to her being Nagini — Voldemort’s snake Horcrux. This could be the reason why we don’t know very much about her character yet. We’ll officially find out what this all means when the film drops on November 16th!