14 Times Fans Threw the Weirdest Stuff at Their Faves On Stage

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Concerts can get pretty crazy! The energy really sweeps people up and they do things that they wouldn’t normally do. That includes throwing things at their favorite celebrities. Sometimes it’s coming from a place of loving devotion. Sometimes it’s coming from anger for a celebrity not performing well or being on time. Either way it can be really distracting to performers and even hurtful! So which celebrities have experienced having things thrown at them on stage? These 14 have and it was all caught on video.

1. Fan throws a bra at Lady Gaga. The pop star took a break from singing at her piano to get a good look at her fans. She then spotted one fan and said “I’ll take your bra just throw it right at the stage” and so she did! The fan actually wrote words on it so Gaga reads them aloud. After reading that it says “equal rights for gays” the pop star says, “I don’t usually wear bras, but I’ll wear that bra.” You can watch the whole thing below at 2:42.

2. Fan throws tampons at One Direction. It’s obvious when fans come to a concert prepared to throw something like a stuffed animal at their beloved celebrities. But others come empty handed so they get desperate to get their attention. That’s probably what happened here when a fan threw a bunch of tampons at the group (but mostly Harry). He looks surprised but everyone pretty much keeps going and waves to the crowd.

3. Fan throws a coin at Kanye West. The rapper is known to fly off the handle so it’s no surprise that he wouldn’t take too kindly to this fan throwing a coin on stage. At :26 in the video he finds the coin someone threw on the stage and begins to rant against hard things being thrown at him. It actually is good advice, but not all fans use it.

4. Fan throws sex toy at Adam Lambert. There are many ways fans try to flirt with their beloved celebs, but throwing a sex toy at them might be going too far. The American Idol was singing on stage when a fan threw the toy at him. It hit his leg then fell on the floor in front of him. He then furiously kicked it back into the audience. You can see it below at 2:13.

5. Fan throws tomato at Lupe Fiasco. You usually see people throwing tomatoes at a bad performance in cartoons. But it looks like some real people aren’t against bringing food to throw. Lupe was onstage when a fan threw the fruit at him so he stops to point out the thrower. You can see it all go down at 1:11.

6. Fan throws light stick at Demi Lovato. Lovatics can get just as crazy as any other fan base. During her concert in Brazil you can see she is rocking out on guitar when a fan decides to get her attention by throwing a light stick. It hits her, but she takes in stride. She smiles and shakes her head and wags a finger to show the crowd not to throw things at her and keeps going!

7. Fan throws bra at Adam Levine. Another excited fan decided to take their bra and throw at a hot celebrity. But this time the crowd got a playful talking to for it! After Adam gets hit in the head he picks it up and jokes about how crazy it is for someone to throw their underwear at him.

8. Fan throws a bottle of pee at Cher Lloyd. Fans who are unhappy with a performance can be pretty unpredictable. This one decided to fill up a bottle with pee and throw it at Cher. She keeps performing for a while and the trolls throw another. She is a trooper until she finally walks off stage and lets the rest of the band finish without her. You can see the first bottle thrown at :55.

9. Fan throws chips at Rihanna. Concert tickets aren’t cheap, and there is a lot of stress that goes into attending a concert. So when a performer is late to the stage it’s understandable to be mad. Rihanna was late for one concert so when she made it on stage fans starting throwing chips at her. She then proceeds to tell them off.

10. Fan throws thong at Miley Cyrus. While most stars get bras thrown at them, Miley gets a thong. The star actually made many headlines for this because she not only grabbed the underwear, but she proceeded to put them in her mouth. That’s not exactly sanitary, Miley! You can see it happen at 3:42.

11. Fan throws condom at Joe Jonas. How do fans tell their beloved celebrities that they want them? They throw condoms of course! At least that’s what happened to Joe while he was performing with his brothers. It sort of trips them up and they start laughing, but they keep going. You can see it happen at 1:48.

12. Fan throws bra at Fifth Harmony. The group was performing in a mall when one of their fans got a little bit too excited. Someone threw a blue bra on stage and it landed by Normani’s feet. She looks down at it and covers her mouth surprised, but the girls keep going!

13. Fan throws shoe at Fall Out Boy. Some fans throw things hoping to touch the celebrity, then later get it back. That was probably what was going through this fan’s mind when they threw their shoe at the band. After the shoe goes flying past them they stop tell the crowd to stop throwing shoes at Patrick.

14. Fan throws phone at Ariana Grande. The latest celebrity to fall victim to weird objects being tossed on stage is the 22-year-old pop star, who got a cellular device chucked at her as she was about to premiere her “Focus” music video. She had a pretty awesome response, though. Remember, your screens aren’t indestructible.

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