For Some Dumb Reason, ~Fans~ Made Cameron Dallas Cry at His Own Show

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It seems like nothing is going right for the boys in the Vine community. On Sunday, Magcon had its eighth European tour stop in Paris where everything fell apart. According to the audience, there was a group of girls in the VIP section that were pushing and shoving their way to the front of the stage. Apparently, Cam saw this happening and called out to them, telling the supposed fanatics to stop — or else he and his pals would end the show. The “fans'” response: yelling insults at Cam, and calling him fake! It wasn’t long until Cameron ran off the stage looking like he was crying.

Soon after, the #RespectCameronDallas hashtag sparked on Twitter after a fan shared screenshots of a message that Cameron sent her. He explained that he ‘hasn’t felt like himself since the European tour started’ and that he just let all the hate get to him.

Twitter (@inesRpinho)

Twitter (@inesRpinho)

The most heart-wrenching part of the message is when Cam says that he missed the OG Magcon boys and wants to reconnect with Nash and Hayes Grier. Cameron has never been quiet about his desire to get all the original Vine boys back together, but this one seems the most genuine:

Twitter (@inesRpinho)

Twitter (@inesRpinho)

Fans have been sharing their favorite memories and pictures of Cameron in hopes of cheering him up and show their frustration towards the girls who spent tons of money on VIP tickets and were rude. We hope that Cameron and the boys can get over this situation and realize that their true fans will always support them no matter what.

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