10 Aggressive Fan/Celebrity Encounters You Have to See to Believe

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Ever go to a concert where someone in the audience gets pulled on-stage by their idol? Yeah… this is so NOT about those special people. Rather, this is about those crazy fans who either have the guts to jump onto the platform where their fave’s singing OR take it even further and, like, slap his/her butt. (Basically, we’re thinking about the guy who tapped Beyonce on the booty and got totally reamed for it by Queen Bey.)

From the funny to the aww-worthy to the just plain aggressive (you know, when security escorts them off), here are ten fan/celebrity encounters you have to see to believe:

Justin Bieber

Taylor Swift

One Direction

Miley Cyrus

Demi Lovato

Jonas Brothers

Britney Spears

Nicki Minaj

Lady Gaga


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