Fans Actually Forgive Shay Carl Butler for Cheating on His Wife for Months

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When news started to spread that Shay Carl Butler had been having an online affair with an adult video performer for MONTHS, a lot of people urged Colette Butler, the YouTube star’s wife, to file for divorce. The Shaytards couple quickly (albeit silently), however, showed the world they they are, in fact, sticking together through this scandal. At least for now, that is…

Listen — we’re not here to judge. Shay and Colette have been married for 14 years and have five beautiful children together, so we totally understand why they would want to try to make their marriage work. What we don’t really get, however, is how so many people can brush off the 37-year-old’s actions like they were nothing.

“Everyone makes mistakes,” some people said. “All marriages have tough times,” others wrote. Ummm…KAY.

Yes, everybody DOES make mistakes and we ARE all human, but to dismiss Shay’s actions like they were nothing is basically saying he shouldn’t be held accountable for being unfaithful. Colette has every right to be mad, disgusted, shocked, etc., by her husband’ affair, and calling it a simple “mistake” doesn’t give her the respect she deserves at this obviously tough time. Cheating is more than a mistake…it’s a conscious decision and should be treated as such.

Also, can we just say forgiveness takes time…and the vlogger has done NOTHING as of yet to earn people’s sympathy. #JustSaying

Shay Carl isn’t the only married YouTube who was caught cheating: