Fans are Deleting Taylor Swift’s App After Trump Lovers Flood Comments

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Swifties make up one of the strongest fandoms — that’s why Taylor Swift is able to sell millions of albums & tickets to her concerts. (Did you hear? Fearless went diamond, the Recording Industry Association of America’s highest distinction for an album! That means over 10 MILLION equivalent units have been streamed or sold.)

However, just because every member of the fandom is obsessed with the same person doesn’t mean they each share the same beliefs, particularly in politics. In fact, since the 28-year-old singer seems almost opposed to speaking up about politics, many believe that she’s pro-Donald Trump — and you KNOW people have strong opinions about him, positive or negative.

So when the “Gorgeous” crooner’s app, The Swift Life, debuted last week, it became a stomping ground for political debate; some homophobic and racist comments were even made, leading for an even BIGGER debacle:

Now, members of the T.Swift-loving community after deleting the application ’cause, regardless of their love for Taylor, homophobia and racism are NOT okay:

Hopefully that kind of talk is extinguished soon so that everyone can enjoy the app without fear.