7 of the Most Riddikulus ~Reasons~ as to Why Lord Voldemort Has No Nose

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The fan theories surrounding the Harry Potter franchise are endless: Harry is immortal, it’s all in Harry’s head, Harry & Hermione are long-lost siblings, Ron is a time-traveling Albus Dumbledore, Neville’s the real Chosen One… And you can bet there are a whole bunch of theories surrounding He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, particularly one particular body part of his (or lack thereof).

When Lord Voldemort starts to take form in the films, you’ll notice that he’s missing his nose. Some say it’s because he drank unicorn blood, so he lead a half-life, a cursed life. Others say it’s so it’s harder to transform into him. And then there’s this well thought-out theory:

All of the aforementioned are interesting ~reasons~…. but the following are so.much.better:

1. A Platform 9 3/4 mishap:

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

2. A game gone too far:

3. The ultimate sacrifice:

4. *gulp* Drugs?

5. The worst case of sniffles ever:

6. Skin cleansing gone wrong:

7. Pinocchio-esque backlash:

Can you believe all of these male Harry Potter roles were actually recast?