The Most Accurate Superlatives for All the Taylors in Hollywood

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When you hear the name Taylor, which one do you think of first? Taylor Swift? Taylor Lautner? Other? There's just so many! So, we opted to give each of 'em a different superlative to define each of their individual personalities. Just because. Join us for the ride, then give the Taylors your own ideas for superlatives in the comments!

Taylor Swift
Most Likely to End Up An Old Cat Lady

Taylor Swift

Taylor Lautner
Most Likely to Win the Olympics Based on Looks Alone

Blogspot (gossip-dance)

Taylor Momsen
Most Likely to Kill You with One Look

Tumblr (notmygifs)

Taylor Kinney
Most Likely to Marry Lady Gaga
(Slash Be the ONLY Person Who'd Consider It)

The Ellen Show

Taylor Schilling
Most Likely to Go to Jail Even Though She's Innocent

Wiffle GIF

Taylor Kitsch
Most Underrated. Seriously.


Taylor Sprietler
The Goody-Goody

Tumblr (teendotcom)

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
The Not Really a Taylor But We Still Include Him 'cause He's Hot

Tumblr (danysalternate)

Get a load of Taylor Swift's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show style:

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