12 Famous People Who Started Out Writing Other Famous People’s Songs

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Today marks the release of Sia‘s sixth studio album, 1000 Forms Of Fear, which features that one song that Lena Dunham danced interpretively to for absolutely no reason. If you’re a fan of Sia, this is great news. And, if you’re a fan of learning random musical trivia that everyone in your real life will only pretend to be interested in, then I have even better news! Because, in addition to the songs that Sia’s written for her own famous self, she’s also written tons of songs for other celebrities. Like David Guetta‘s “Titanium,” Rihanna‘s “Diamonds,” Britney Spears‘ “Perfume” and Beyoncé‘s “Pretty Hurts,” just to name a few lesser-known tunes.

And what better time to celebrate that fact than right now with a list of 12 other famous guys and gals who have that hit-making gene in common with Sia? They all got their big breaks in the music industry by writing hit songs for super-famous celebrities and went on to become their peers. So, I like to think of it like an internship that’s rewarded with a lot more fame, money and scandals in the long run.

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