6 Crazy Famous in Love Theories… from the Cast Members Themselves!

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Famous in Love was recently renewed for a second season, and the Internet exploded with joy. Why? Because fans were left with a minimum of two MAJOR cliffhanger questions: 1. Who killed Barrett Hopper? 2. Who will Paige Townsen choose as her boyfriend?

It comes as no surprise that the television drama, Disney-owned cable network Freeform, is the brain child of Pretty Little Liars creator I. Marlene King ’cause it leaves a lot of mystery lingering in the air. After all, that’s Marlene’s speciality. The TV series is addictive, from the ~pretty~ faces to the petty drama.

Famous in Love is heavy on salacious twists and turns, and that’s surely what’s kept fans fiending for more… and they’ll have it on Season 2. But until then, those damning cliffhangers MUST be resolved. Fortunately, the cast of the dramatic program, including Bella Thorne, weighed in on your biggest questions, and you might be surprised by their theories:

WHO SHOT BARRETT HOPPER? Barrett Hopper (portrayed by
Nathan Stewart-Jarrett
), the ambitious and conniving entertainment reporter, was shot on the eve of a major exposé on Jordan’s scandalous past. (He killed his father).

1. “Personally, I think it was Nina or Jordan. Or the studio head… What was his name?… Alan! Or, you know, it could be Tangey, because you’d still like her character after that,” Bella, who plays the starring role of Paige Townsen, told TV Line. No matter who it is, though, the 19-year-old redhead doesn’t think it’s someone fans will “hate” for doing it.

2. “I’m not going to lie, Jordan is on my list,” Keith Powers, who plays Jordan, told the same publication. “But so many people have different motives for why they could have done it. And you never know with Barrett — he’s trying to get so many stories about people, so it could be none of us. It could be someone from a whole other pool of people.”

3. Pepi Sonuga points the finger at Nina, who is known for her backward motives, like framing Jordan’s mother. “That is not a nice thing to do,” Pepi, who plays Tangey, said at the Freeform Upfront red carpet. “I think she can go as far as killing someone. That’s just a little step forward.”

4. “No one has any idea, but I feel like it could be Jordan,” said the woman who plays Nina, Perrey Reeves. “It could be Jordan’s mom. Or it could be me! We’ve set it up so that it could be so many people, you’re just like, ‘Oh my God.’ And if it wasn’t Nina, she could have hired someone. She would stop at nothing, let’s get real.”

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WHO WILL PAIGE CHOOSE? Perhaps the backbone of the show is the obvious love triangle among Paige, her roommate, Jake, the good boy; and her co-star, Rainer, the bad boy.

5. “Definitely Rainer, though, I’m admittedly biased,” Carter Jenkins, who plays Rainer, told TV Line. “When you’re playing a character, you get behind their point-of-view and you look out for their best interests. I think Paige and Rainer aren’t perfect people, but a relationship isn’t about two perfect people; it’s about two flawed people who make each other better, and I think that they do. Sorry, Jake!”

6. “I think Paige is confused, but I hope she ends up with Jake… at least for now,” Charlie Depew, who plays Jake, exclaimed.

Charlie thinks love will conquer fame, calling himself “a romantic.”

“There will always be another opportunity to work on a movie,” he continued, “but love doesn’t come around very often.”