These 9 Famous in Love Casting Secrets May Come as Total Surprises to You

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The Famous in Love takeover has commenced! Earlier this week, the Freeform television show, led by Bella Thorne, hit the network for the first time, and we are OB-sessed after watching the first episode. (Of course, you could easily binge-watch the TV series in its entirety, as every episode is available for streaming, but we’re planning on tuning in after Pretty Little Liars each week.)

So, when we caught up with the cast at the Freeform Upfronts in NYC this week, we simply had to know the secrets behind its amazing cast. And, boy, did we ever learn some secrets. One of the main three guys wasn’t even the originator of his role — another actor shot the pilot in his place! To learn all about that, and more, you know what you have to do: