8 Family Vloggers to Watch to Fill the Shaytards-Shaped Hole in Your Heart

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The Shaytards are a family from Idaho who began making vlog-style videos in 2008. The lovable family, consisting of Shay Carl, Colette Butler and their five children, began gaining subscribers rapidly after popular YouTuber Philip DeFranco gave them a shoutout in one of his vids. Their channel exploded from there and they currently have over 4.9 million subscribers and over a combined 2.6 billion views on their videos.

With such a huge following behind them, you can imagine fans’ reactions when a major scandal involving the family vlogging channel came to light earlier this year. Twitter freaked when adult Internet star Aria Nina released screenshots of private messages between her and Shay Carl, revealing their online relationship of three months.

Since the scandal, Shay Carl deactivated his Twitter and revealed that he would be seeking help by going to rehab for his alcoholism. The family has also been inactive on its YouTube channel since February. While fans around the world have different ideas about what Colette should do in this situation, everyone can agree that the most important thing is that Shay Carl gets the help he needs in order to be the best father to his five children.

If you’re waiting to see if the Shaytards will make a comeback, don’t push your luck — the family announced in October 2016 that it would stop daily vlogging come March 2017 (and that was pre-scandal). So, check out these eight other awesome family vlogging channels that will surely fill the void left by the Shaytards: