8 of the Most Annoying Myths About Teenagers

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We — adults, kids, society — make way too many negative assumptions about teen behavior. Have you ever actually looked up the statistics of how many teenagers are actually smoking or becoming pregnant? Given the way people crap on our generation, you would think that we’re all morally bankrupt and disillusioned (as if our parents’ generations weren’t).

I’ll admit, I was a pretty tame teenager. I didn’t drink, smoke, do drugs, or even kiss anyone, so I definitely wasn’t having sex either. The students at my artsy private school were definitely into all of that though — and it’s natural for most teenagers to be curious — but I was way too scared about losing my parents’ trust and all of that. The coolest thing I did was go to punk shows. Otherwise? Nothing that would have ended up on a “Very Special Episode.” Honestly, I sometimes regret not taking reasonable risks, but you can’t change the past.

Still, some stats show that this sort of square — like behavior isn’t really as uncommon as you or I might have thought it was. Check out these eight annoying myths about teenagers that are about to be debunked. Sure, plenty of teens are trying cigarettes and having unprotected sex, but you’ll be surprised by the real numbers.

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