12 Fall 2016 Makeup Trends You’ll Actually Wear All Season

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Just like fashion, beauty trends switch up every season. For fall, makeup trends are pretty predictable: We trade bright summer colors for darker, more muted shades and there are always some more unique options to try. The only problem with that last part? Most of these new and different trends look awesome on the runways, when supermodels are showing them off while wearing thousands of dollars worth of clothes, but in real life, they fall a little flat. They’re usually either so over the top that they look more like part of a Halloween costume than something you’d ever wear to school or work, or they’re too fancy and bold for everyday wear — and how often are you really getting all dressed up to go out? Don’t you want to see some makeup trends that you’ll actually wear?

I do, personally. I love looking at interesting runway beauty looks, especially since I often end up going backstage at shows, and listening to a 10-minute presentation on why a nude nail polish was chosen is a complete snoozefest (this happened to me a minimum of five times last season). They’re fun and exciting, and they breathe life into the fashion world, but when they’re totally unrealistic, it’s kind of a bummer. Like, I want to find new makeup trends I can try, not just ones I can “ooo” and “ahh” at in a magazine.

So, this season, instead of collecting a bunch of photos of models in impractical makeup, I put together a list of fall makeup trends you’re actually going to wear. Not just to fancy events, not just on date night, but during the day and when you’re hanging with your friends. Promise! These are accessible and pretty simple, so even beginners should be good here. Get ready to try some new (or old but new for the last few months) makeup ideas!

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