Let’s Celebrate the Coming of the Fall Season (in GIFs)

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We’ve already gone over the things we’ll miss about summer, but now that it is officially fall, let’s celebrate that fun fact. Hopefully these GIFs will perk you up. (’cause if you woke up early today, you probably really need it!)

Mila Kunis was definitely the girl who actually looked glamour-shot beautiful in all her school photos. We’d hate her if she wasn’t so darn adorable about it.

mila kunis smile

You have to embrace your weird friends, Zendaya.
Let Bella Thorne do her thang — it’s more amusing that way.

bella thorne zendaya school

Heyyy, Anna Kendrick. How you doing? Splendid, as per usual.

anna kendrick laugh

Think about how yummy warm things taste when it’s cold outside. Let’s bring out those roasted vegetables and pumpkin pie. Eat up, Cher Lloyd! It’s all effing delicious.

cher lloyd eating

ERMAHGERD, it’s Lucy Hale.

lucy hale airport

Cat = better wrecking ball than Miley Cyrus“Wrecking Ball”.

cat wrecking ball

Don’t take it personally, Miley. Cute cats always win, even against bedazzled basketballs.

miley cyrus 23 basketball

Color us confuzzled, Nicki Minaj.

nicki minaj hm

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