7 Pics to Remind You What to Watch on TV This Fall

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It’s been a rough couple months without our television faves. (After all, we practically live vicariously through the lives of Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen and pretend we can sing like the kids on Glee.) Fortunately, they’re all premiering pretty soon — or are back already! — so we just wanted to remind you what to keep your eyes on this fall…

When the seniors of New Directions graduated at the end of last season, we were all like:

But now that it’s back, we’re all like this in front of our TV sets:

On Wednesdays, keep an eye out for more of Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter shielding their eyes from their on-screen dad. So naïve, that Phil…

Oh, The Vampire Diaries is starting soon?

But secretly, this is how you get out of work early to watch it:

Sadly, this will be the final season of Gossip Girl. What will we do without Serena, Dan, Blair, Nate, and, obviously, Chuck Bass?!

Thankfully, it looks like there will be a fashionable takeover once GG’s done. Hello, The Carrie Diaries!

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