Thanks to This New Beauty Trend, You Can Try Out Piercings Pain-Free

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Every week we are met with more and more beauty trends that we simply need to try out for ourselves, all thanks to our favorite beauty influencers. Lately, though, we’re feeling super inspired by none other than viral makeup guru and cosmetics company owner Huda Kattan, who recently shared a beauty trick that’s actually really badass: Fiercings, or fake piercings.

The 34-year-old has a solution for those of you who have been dying to get pierced but have been putting it off because it seem just a little bit too permanent and painful. “Fiercings” are pretty much just what they sound like — faux piercings — and we can’t lie… they look pretty darn realistic! See?

Huda explained via Instagram that she thought about “getting her brow pierced, but decided to glue it on instead.” Hmm… sounds easy enough! Then, when she asked her followers to let her know what they thought about her new “fiercings,” she began to notice that the trend was really picking up steam!

Don’t they look great?! While those are only just a few examples of how Huda’s followers took the trend and ran with it, there are tons of other people who tried it out too, and they even used the hashtag “#hudamademedoit” to credit their fave beauty guru for the amazing idea!

Like us, it seems like people on Instagram are pretty much obsessed with Huda’s fiercings. After all, it’s a great way to test out if you’ll like a piercing before you actually get it done IRL. Plus, they look amazing… don’t you think?