The Curse of The Little Mermaid: Why Doesn’t Any Remake Seem to Work Out?

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Ariel first swam onto the big screen 28 years ago, in 1989, in The Little Mermaid, and has been holding our hearts ever since. The now-classic Disney movie became an instant success, and the redheaded heroine became one of the most beloved Disney Princesses of all time. Dat voice doe… we could listen to “Part of Your World” on repeat all day (which we’ve all done before, LBR) and never get sick of it. So you can image our excitement when we learned of Disney’s plans to remake the tale!

The original composer, Alan Menken, is returning to help bring the story to life, along with Moana songwriter (and Hamilton creator) Lin-Manuel Miranda. With so many animated Disney movie remakes and live-action productions in the works, it’s hard to stay patient, especially since the movie is in its early stages. We know it will be well worth the wait because if it is anything like Emma Watson‘s live-action Beauty and the Beast, it’s going to be AH-mazing.

Before Disney officially announced its plans, there have been tons of other planned adaptations, but none of them have lived up to expectations or even got released. From well-known actresses being slated to play the singing mermaid but never hitting the big screen to Broadway productions cut short, we’re starting to wonder why it seems like only Disney can bring Ariel and Prince Eric together. We love to see different variations of the story make it to the big (or small) screen, but it rarely happens. It is already a difficult show to create on its own, but add in underwater scenes, singing fish and dozens of mermaid fins, it seems next to impossible. Are all The Little Mermaid shows doomed to failure or is it just a curse that only Disney can break? We rounded up all the reasons why the curse of The Little Mermaid could be true: