15 High-End Fashion Products That are Expensive for No Reason

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Capitol Records

Shopping is an event that can be both super frustrating AND fun. We love to find good deals on all of the biggest trends, but sometimes our wallet stops us from being able to buy the thing that we wanted the most. We have spent more time than we’d like to admit dreaming about all of the designer products we would buy if we were movie stars, but sometimes we question why brands continue to sell over-priced items for no reason.

When Nordstrom released jeans that were purposefully covered in fake mud and dirt for $400, we couldn’t believe it. Why would they sell these when we could buy jeans for $15 and go roll around in the dirt for free? Apparently, selling random products that are unnecessarily expensive is a ~thing~ that designers do and we rounded up some of the craziest, and most expensive, products that are ACTUALLY for sale. We have to be honest, we’re sure that if we were millionaires we would probably consider buying some of these, but we’re hoping that even if we were rich we would know better!