10 Expectations You Have When Going to the Beach And What Actually Happens

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It doesn’t quite feel like summer until you head to the beach for the first time! But while the ocean is a place for rest and relaxation, our expectations of what’ll happen when we’re there are often pretty inaccurate.

From sand in every single crevice of your body to painful sunburns, here are the harsh realities of what actually happens when you hit the beach in the summertime!

1. Expectation: You’ll get there early to beat traffic and get the best spot on the sand.

Reality: You oversleep, your friend can’t find her bathing suit and you don’t get there until there’s an hour of traffic and the only spot left is next to the screaming children.



2. Expectation: Feeling the sand between your toes will automatically put you in a good mood.

Reality: WHY IS IT SO HOT?!

3. Expectation: And speaking of sand, you’ll totally be careful and keep it off your towel.

Reality: Sand gets in places you didn’t even know existed.

Grooves on the Radio

Grooves on the Radio

4. Expectation: You’ll be a gorgeous golden brown in no time!

Reality: #LobsterStatus

5. Expectation: The water will be crystal clear like you see in the movies.

Reality: WTF just touched me?!

6. Expectation: Gorgeous beach hair.

Reality: Rat’s nest.

7. Expectation: You do a Baywatch run out of the water.

Reality: This happens.

8. Expectations: Your beach selfies will be totally Instagram-able.

Reality: You accidentally jump in the water with your phone and it breaks.

9. Expectation: Hot guys everywhere!

Reality: Hairy old men.

10. Expectation: Your day at the beach will be the perfect representation of what summer’s all about.

Reality: There’s a hurricane.

Expectations Vs. Reality: Summer Vacation